Why Do Bookmakers Offer Cash Back Bonuses

It may sound like terrible business sense for a bookmaker to offer customers who are losing money, but in the long run it makes good business sense. As discussed above, they can retain customers and also encourage them to gamble more.

A lot of bookmakers attach their cash back to loyalty or VIP customers, so the customer has to attain a certain ‘status’ within the bookmaker before they can receive a cash back bonus.

When you look at the numbers, most of an online bookmakers revenue is profit from customer losses. Paying back a small percentage of this to keep the customer within their bookmaker is not only a clever way to keep them, but it is also a good way to gain referrals to their bookmaker.

Are There Any Special Conditions to Cash Back Bonus Offers

As with all bonus offers, such as and no deposit bonuses, that online bookmakers give customers, there will usually be conditions for cash back betting offers. Although they are not subject as stringent requirements like other bonus offers, there will still inevitably be some rules you need to adhere to.

Some bookmakers restrict certain games in their cash back betting offers, and some may restrict certain peak playing times. The wagering requirements for cash back betting for example, can be as low as wagering the bonus credited just one time. This is a lot lower than deposit and no deposit bonuses which can sometimes be up to ten.

Betfair — The Worlds Largest Internet Betting Exchange


Get great odds and make superb savings with our Betfair offers and cashback deals. Home of the pioneering Betting Exchange, which allows customers to bet against each other, as opposed to a bookmaker, also offers customers free bets. They provide a full range of sports betting options, including in-play, while as one of the largest online gaming operators in the UK, you will also discover a host of popular games.

Gamble on a variety of sports, including football, horse racing, tennis and boxing, or try your luck at bingo, live casino games, poker and slots online. Browse a range of new customer offers and bonuses, while you can download the free app and bet on the go on your mobile or tablet.


Betfair Casino Games

You will find a great range of Betfair Casino bonus offers and promotions, whether you are looking to play a new arrival in the games arcade or slots, jackpots and table games. Their slots include traditional fruit machines with three or five reels which are designed to offer a variety of stakes and prizes for both novice and serious players.

Their jackpot and progressive jackpot slots offer huge top prizes, while you will find some which operate on a match basis. When it comes to table games, you will find almost every variation of roulette, which can be played via desktop or mobile devices, as well as craps, while the card games room offers traditional and innovative poker, blackjack and baccarat games.

Betfair Features

  • Betfair App

    Download the Betfair app for free from the App Store or Google Play for your Apple or Android device and claim back ВЈ30 as a free bet when you join through the app as a new customer and stake ВЈ10.

    Wherever you are, you will be able to take your winnings out or cut your losses at any time and benefit from second-by-second in-play betting across hundreds of sports markets. You will receive daily promotions, including free bets, double the odds and Acca multipliers, while you can take advantage of their Price Rush feature while you are on the go.

The Sportsbook

The Betfair Sportsbook gives you the chance to enjoy gambling on a huge range of sports, including rugby, darts and motorsport.

Browse their quick links section to easily get to specials and today’s events, while you will also find highlights and featured coupons. View Sportsbook promotions for various sports, while you can view fractional or decimal odds. You can also win even more with Price Rush, which offers higher odds on 10,000 bets each day.

Offered on certain football, horse racing, tennis, and basketball single bet markets, it will increase your bet to higher odds. It is also available for in-play bet placements on selected sports, while you will never be given worse odds than you originally selected. Place a bet today and save with our Betfair promo code deals.

The Exchange

The Exchange allows you to bet against each other on a full range of sports.

You will discover in-play markets, while you can also benefit from Cash Out, which allows you to cut your losses or lock in any profit while a match, race or event is still taking place. Instead of having to wait until your sporting event has finished to claim your winnings, you can hit the yellow button whenever you want and Cash Out. Bet on the big Premier League clash of the day, the Grand National, the Ashes or Ryder Cup, while you can also get live events streamed to your desktop.

Betfair FAQ

  • How Does Betfair Work?

    Betfair is a betting exchange which provides customers with an online marketplace where they can bet against each other, rather than against the bookmaker, on sporting and cultural events around the world. Betfair is impartial, holding the money until the bet is settled. They will give you all the guidance you need, while you can place lay bets as well as back bets.

How Does Betfair Exchange Work?

BetfairвЂs Exchange allows customers to bet against each other rather than against a bookmaker. You can back a selection, which is the usual way of betting, or you can place a lay bet and back something not to happen. When placing a lay bet, rather than choosing your stake, you choose how much you want to win.

How Long Do Betfair Withdrawals Take?

When withdrawing funds from your Betfair account, the time this will take will depend on the payment method used. Debit and credit card withdrawals will take 2-3 working days, while a UK standard bank transfer will take 1-3 working days. Request a next day UK bank transfer and you will receive funds the next working day, while if you use Moneybookers/Skrill, PayPal or NETeller, your money will be with you in 12-24 hours.

What Is a Cash Back Bonus

A cash back bonus is a way for online gamers to minimize their losses over a certain period of time. They vary between bookmakers, but you will usually get anything from 5% to 25% cash back on any bets or games over a certain period of time, either daily, weekly, or monthly. These are usually offered to loyal or VIP customers, however it is not unheard of for them to be offered to standard players playing with real cash as well.

Cash back betting offers give online bookmakers the opportunity to retain customers and stop them from going to the competition.
Many online bookmakers offer very generous no deposit bonuses now, so if a customer is continuously making a loss on one bookmaker, it is likely they will change to another one. Another benefit for the bookmaker, is that people will be encouraged to bet more, if they decide that they are betting at a lower risk.

If you were using this cash back bonus on sports betting, you would get the percentage of what you have lost back. For example, you bet ВЈ50 on a slot, and the cashback bonus for you for that week is 10%, so you will get back ВЈ5 as 10% of your loss.

Cash back betting offers can also come with maximum amounts, which again vary from bookmaker to bookmaker. For example, if you were offered 5% cash back on a certain game on a certain day, like roulette, and then you played and lost ВЈ500, you would still only receive ВЈ50 as this is the maximum.

Although cash back betting offers can vary in percentage or time period, the maximum cashback amount is usually a set standard for the bookmaker and isn’t usually changed. It can sound too good to be true that an online bookmaker will pay you for losses, but there are benefits for them as well.

What Are the Positives of Cash Back Bonuses

You can minimize your risk

Gambling online, either via slots and games or sports betting is always going to carry some risk. even if you are a very careful player and stick to good odds, you are still at risk of making a loss if the bet doesn’t go your way. The most experienced players in online bookmakers can still make a loss sometimes, so it is a good benefit if you can recuperate some back.

You can work your way up the ladder

If you are in a VIP or loyalty programme, it is likely that your cashback bonus will go up every so often, or after you have played for a certain time or lost a certain amount. Some online bookmakers offer up to 25% of your loss as a cash back bonus.

They are easy to understand

A lot of and no deposit bonuses can become very confusing, especially if you are spreading your online presence across sports betting and online gaming. There are some bookmakers that offer loads of different bonuses which can be confusing. A cash back betting bonus is easy to follow, it is just a percentage of a loss.

What Are the Negatives of Cash Back Betting

Once you are in, you are in

Once you have joined a bookmaker which will offer you cash back betting, it is unlikely you are going to change over to one that doesn’t. This means you may miss out on different games or better odds because you want to stick with your safety net of cash back betting.

You are still making a loss

Although it is a nice thought that you are going to get some of your cash back from betting, when you get a cashback bonus, you have still, essentially, made a loss. You will get a percentage back on that loss, but it is still not the full amount and you will still be out of pocket.

You could be subject to lengthy wagering requirements

Cashback Sites List

General Merchandising Cashback Sites

Allow me to remind you that these sites are not only for gambling cashback but most of your every day shopping. Or, I would say it not just everyday purchases, the real benefit comes when youвЂre signing up to a service for a period of long time. You may receive hundreds of ВЈ by signing up to a new broadband or phone contract via cashback sites. Besides, when you plan your next holiday, use the cashback, there are plenty of great deals in flights and hotels, as well as extras such as car hire, travel insurance and airport car parking.

TopCashback & Quidco

Given the highest reputation & widest coverage of the brands, the below 2 are the Must Have cashback websites, simply fill-in the Free Sign-Up form being navigated from the each logo to start saving hundreds & thousands pounds.

Please see our exclusive offer for these 2 cashback sites in the Conclusion Section at the end of this document.




Quidco Note

If you register Quidco under our link you will get ВЈ3 cashback from Quidco as our exclusive deal. But we need to issue unique link for each referral (the above link is not our referral link), therefore send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject of “Quidco Link”, then we will send the individually assigned link by return.


Both Quidco and TopCashback allow you to withdraw the cashback via bank transfer or Paypal. However, if you chose to withdraw as a gift card with a specific retailer such as Amazon (or many other choices), youвЂll earn a top-up up to 15% on your cashback. Just FYI.

Premium Account

As said, it’s free to register and get cashback from Quidco and TopCashback. However, you have an option to upgrade into premium membership with the fee as the first ВЈ5 of cashback earned each year being retained in return for benefits. Premium membership unlocks improved cashback rates, bespoke promotions, comprehensive customer service and the removal of sponsored adverts, among other features. If you think it will be beneficial after a while, it’s good to move to this account, but suggest you start with free account first.

Gambling Focus Cashback Sites

Cashback concept has been getting increasingly popular recently, and gambling focus cashback websites are also mushrooming. However, as long as we see, this segment is a cottage industry filled by SMBs (Small & Medium Businesses). As already explained, your financial risk is minimum though, still need to use reputable sites to avoid any unpleasant experiences such as Cashback Not Being Paid or Personal Information Abuse etc.

The below 3 sites are the ones we at least confirm quick payout & positive feedback from our own members as well as other public sites such as forums.

Coupon Arbitrage (Both Losses Refund & Fixed Cashback)

Coupon Arbitragee8d5f60f0b2b7b92a1454b7446441f47.jpg

Gambling Deals & Cashbacker (Losses Refund Only)

Gambling Deals3a5383e42f2774a942c9639788723c1f.jpg



All of 3 gambling focus cashback sites allow you to withdraw cashback via Paypal (for Coupon Arbitrage also accept Bank Transfer). On top of it, you can use e-wallet Skrill for all 3 and Neteller for Coupon Arbitrage. If you have not had an account, then it’s time to open EWallets account free;



, because e-wallet is essential for advantage player. For example, one of the most frustrating elements of Matched Betting is the irritating moment when all of your bets win into the Bookie account, leaving your Exchange account empty. You then have the long withdrawal period whilst you wait for your funds to reach your bank account to top Exchange up again. The most effective way around this problem is to use E-Wallets that takes only a few hours for withdrawal.



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