Typical no deposit bonus characteristics

Cryptocurrency casinos try to offer unique bonuses is order to stand out against a background of competitors. However, there are some characteristic features of no deposit bonuses, which you can see in most cases:

  • Registration (yes, again). A player would need to leave his email address; temporary email services will hardly be a proper option.
  • Wagering requirements. Nobody will let you withdraw some free cryptocurrency instantly. Look for these requirements in the description of a bonus to find out the amount you would need to bet.
  • Limited number of games. In many casinos, a free bonus is available only in a few apps.

Overall, free bonuses offer you comparably small chances of winning and withdrawing something. However, it does not really matter: “gifts” from Bitcoin casinos let you plunge into the world of gambling with zero expenses and get your portion of impressions from a certain website.

Good luck!

Is Using Bitcoins Limited to Specific Countries

Because of the novelty this digital currency presents, we must understand that changes sometimes donвЂt come as fast as we would like to.

Online casinos have commonly encountered some setbacks when it comes to providing players with the cryptocurrency as a payment method, but authorities all over the world have started changing their attitude towards Bitcoins, and this is increasing the speed of the adoption-rate.

Bitcoin Casinos for UK Players


If you are from the UK, you might already know how competitive and strict the industry is in this country. Nevertheless, the UK government has been recently implementing changes in favor of costumers and their security due to illegal practices.

The online casinos authorized by the UK government to use Bitcoin as a payment method are subject to act in accordance with the country’s gambling laws, that is why the list still remains short. But be sure that due to the high demand from the players, this is expected to change quickly.

Are Bitcoin Casinos Available for Canadian Players?


Bitcoin payments are not new for Canadians where this is already considered to be a fairly popular method.

When it comes to regulation of the online casino industry, the players have to document their earnings for taxing purposes. Because of the volatility of the currency, the value of your gains will be equal to the value of Bitcoins at the time you played at an online casino in Canada.

If you want a convenient way to make deposits and withdraw your winnings, there are several e-wallets available for you to have your Bitcoins.

Bitcoin Payment Method for Australian Players


Australian casinos accepting Bitcoins are still not as popular and numerous as in the two previous countries already mentioned, nevertheless it is a great alternative if you decide to go for it.

Deposits and withdrawals with Bitcoins are no different from any other payment method when it comes to procedure. But be sure to check if the casino you play at allows withdrawals in that Bitcoins.

When it comes to Australian Casinos, consider that once you deposit in Bitcoins, these will most commonly be converted into a flat currency.

NetBet provides Bitcoin payment method in all these countries!

For more detailed information about all the Bitcoins casinos, go to our extensive list of Bitcoin casinos.

How Do Bitcoin Casinos Work

Depends on the type of the casino. There are three types of Bitcoin casinos:

  • Regular casinos that offer crypto-currency support. This type of casinos supports Bitcoin only as a payment method. There is no difference in terms of their infrastructure. They work like any other online casino, they only have a blockchain address. This means they have a central server and an electronic gaming license. Simply put, they are not different than any other casino.  
  • Blockchain casinos. This type of casinos are rare, but they offer the best deal. Blockchain casinos do not have a server. The store all of their files and games on the blockchain, which is stored on the computers of every user. No worries — the data is encrypted. This type of casinos accept anonymous members, so there are no country restrictions. For the same reason, they cannot get an electronic gaming license. The games of blockchain casinos are provably fair, which means every member can check how fair a game really is anytime they want. Governments cannot control and/or check this type of casinos. They represent the future of online gambling.
  • Hybrid casinos. This type of websites still run like a regular casino, but they try the offer the best of both worlds. Some games of the casino are provably fair, but it still has a license & a central server. Basically, they are regular casinos that also support the provably fair feature. If you see “SoftSwiss” as one of the providers, this means you are in a hybrid casino.

Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

A variety of bonuses is currently offered by most Bitcoin casinos though it is important to note that not all casinos that use this online cryptocurrency have bonuses on offer. When looking for the next best Bitcoin casino, keep in mind what’s on offer and whether it is worth your while. This is a list of the four major types of Bitcoin casino bonuses you will find when searching for a casino.

Bitcoin Casino First Deposit Bonus

The standard for the online casino industry, this type of bitcoin bonus is best suited to players who want to invest some time with the casino and are not quick to cash out. The bonus is given upon registration and can vary from 20% to 50% of the deposited amount, with some casinos offering a full 100% match and more.

Players need to always examine the terms and conditions and look for the wagering requirements of the bonus, i.e. how many times they must wager the bonus sum in order to be able to withdraw it. Learn more

Bitcoin Casino Reload Bonus

This is a bonus that is present mostly at Bitcoin casinos that have a sign up or first deposit offer. It is a returning type of bonus that helps players who are on the fence of whether they should continue playing at the casino or not.

By offering players additional Bitcoins for another deposit, the reload bonus grants a nice boost to the player’s bankroll which, while not as high as the initial bonus, is a nice sentiment to continue playing at the casino. Learn more

Bitcoin Casino No Deposit Bonus

This is one of the rarest bonuses in the Bitcoin casino market, simply because there are many casinos whose house edge is too low to remain consistent with player’s winnings, i.e. they’ll soon start to lose money rather than the opposite.

The no deposit В bonus is an excellent way for newcomers to test the available games and see how the casino fares in terms of security and generosity. It has a limited range though, since you can only play for a limited amount and at selected few titles, so keep that in mind when opting for this type of bonus. Learn more

Bitcoin Casino Free Spins

Another rare bonus version adopted by the Bitcoin casino community, the free spins bonus is usually given as an incentive to try out the slots and similar games that can utilize the benefits of free spins.

There are two types of free spins bonus available – the first can be claimed as a promotion, while the other is often present in the games themselves (as a bonus feature) and can be unlocked for additional, free of cost winnings.


What are bitcoin casino bonuses?

A bitcoin casino bonus is a promotion that is offered by the online bitcoin casino as a reward to a player. Bitcoin casino bonuses vary, including free spins, credit to play in the casino, prizes like vacations, or bitcoin.

What is a bitcoin casino welcome bonus?

A welcome bonus is a promotion offered to a new player. The welcome bonus gives a new player a chance to enhance their first deposit and wagers at the casino. The welcome bonus may come in the form of free spins or a deposit match bonus.

What is a bitcoin casino first deposit bonus?

Many bitcoin casinos offer a player an award for making their first deposit. This is similar to a welcome bonus offer. First deposit bonuses usually match a percentage of the deposit. These bonus offers may also include other perks like free spins.

What is a free spin bonus?

You will most likely come across free spin bonuses while playing slot machines. A free spin bonus gives you a chance to play a specified number of rounds without wagering your own credits. Once you have completed the specified wagering requirements and terms of the bonus, you can cash out any winnings from the bonus.

How can I find the best casino bonuses?

With so many different bonus offers available from so many bitcoin casinos, the best casino bonus varies from player to player. The best bitcoin casino bonus will depend on your style and preferences. If youвЂre looking to build loyalty and spend a lot in one casino, then VIP clubs and high roller bonuses will benefit you most. If youвЂre looking to try something new and start out with smaller deposits, then no-deposit offers and hefty welcome bonuses will better enhance your experience. Use our convenient bitcoin casino bonus calculator above to discover the best type of bonus for you.

Are bonuses available on mobile bitcoin casinos?

Yes! Most bitcoin casinos have mobile casinos that offer consistent bonuses across their online and mobile platforms. Some of these bitcoin casinos even have promotions that are exclusively offered to mobile players.

Can I use a free bonus when I am playing on demo games?

Most bitcoin casino bonuses have terms that require the player to make a deposit for they can collect their bonus. This means that free play and demo games will not use credits from your bonus or count towards meeting wagering requirements of the bonus.

When can I withdraw or cash out bonus money?

When you can withdraw your bonus award is dependent on the terms and conditions. Usually, a player must meet terms called вЂwagering requirements†before they can withdraw winnings from that bonus.

What are wagering requirements of bitcoin casino bonuses?

A wagering requirement is part of the terms and conditions set by bitcoin casinos. Wagering requirements must be met before a player can cash out winnings.

A wagering requirement will usually be written with a number and an вЂxвЂ, for example 20x. A wagering requirement of 20x the bonus, means that a player must stake 20 times the amount of the bonus before they may collect the winnings from the bonus. Sometimes wagering requirements are applied to the bonus and the deposit.

Wagering requirements are sometimes referred to as play through requirements or bonus requirements.

What is a contributing percentage?

The amount that a wager contributes towards the wagering requirements can vary by game. For example, 100% of a wager in a game like slots might count towards the wager requirements, 10% of a wager in a table game like blackjack or might count towards the wagering requirements, or some games may not count at all towards the requirements.

I created an account at the bitcoin casino, but I havenвЂt received the bonus. Why not?

Most casino welcome bonuses require the new player to make a deposit before they are rewarded the bonus. This will be noted in the bonus terms and conditions. Once you have met all terms listed in the instructions provided by the bitcoin casino, the casino should credit your account automatically with your bonus.

If you need any further assistance, you can contact customer support with your questions. All bitcoin casinos listed here have premium customer support that is highly accessible.

How do I deposit bitcoin into my account at the bitcoin casino?

You will use your bitcoin address to deposit bitcoin into your account at the bitcoin casino.

Advantages of the No Deposit Bonus

There are several advantages when a player registers in a No Deposit Bonus casino. First of all, they are given free Bitcoin. This alone puts you at a win-win situation. Considering the complicated methods done just to obtain one coin, no one can turn down these great rewards.

Afterward, players can use this free coin to further familiarize themselves with the games of their choice. They can also bet using the free Bitcoin and win more along the way. Bring home bigger bankrolls without even cashing out a single cent!

Overall, the Bitcoin casino no deposit bonus presents a ton of benefits for the gambling industry. Players ultimately wager and enjoy the thrill of betting with confidence. This bonus works great for novice Bitcoin gamblers because they can immediately level up their gaming experience for free. Add the high chance of winning big and you have yourself the best gambling entertainment out there.

Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus

aa2b9d2283c6cd3b49ed7489a1801bf2.jpgb47d0cb2c0c8edf3d399eb1aae0d37cb.gifThe gambling business marketplace has become very competitive owing to the mushrooming of numerous gambling websites that offer different types of gambling options, games, bonuses, promotional offers and other features related to security, reliability and trustworthiness.

In this article, we are going to figure out the major bonuses offered by those online bitcoin casino websites to their respective gamblers – both the existing and new coming customers.


The major bonuses offered by some of the best online bitcoin casino websites are given below.


5018efd76582c308492aef792287d7c4.pngThe Cloudbet website offers 100% welcome bonus on the first deposit of any new bettor on this website. The upper limit of this bonus is 5 BTC and the minimum deposit to become eligible for this welcome bonus is 0.01 BTC. The welcome bonus is automatically credited once a gambler deposits the money. The withdrawal of the bonus is governed by the loyalty points that a wager earns while playing on this website.

Visit Cloudbet Website Read our Cloudbet Review



97de6f2ea8231cd74b8b5647f63889ec.pngThe Betchain casino website offers three types of bonuses such as 110% welcome bonus up to 0.5 BTC, 100% high bonus on deposits between 1 BTC to 3 BTC, and 300% Slots Bonus up to 0.1 BTC. The withdrawal of all bonuses is governed by the wagering amount, which must be 20 times the bonuses. The reload Xmas bonus of 75% during the festival season is offered to the players on this website.

Visit Betchain Website Read our Betchain Review



7b7e7e7ea76ad7aa609631a3fae13d4b.pngThe Bitcasino.io website offers four types of bonuses – First Deposit Bonus, Second Deposit Bonus, Reload Bonus, and VIP Bonus. The first deposit bonus is 100% with an upper limit of 1 BTC. The cash out of welcome bonus is governed by the amount of wagering money, which should be 35 times the bonus value. For the existing players, it offers a 50% second deposit bonus, a 25% reload bonus, and various VIP bonuses on becoming a member of the VIP club on the website.

Visit Bitcasino WebsiteRead our Bitcasino.io Review



4f1edf548a4e90014af8266736ef3ce9.pngTwo types of bonuses – High Roller Bonus and Social Media Bonus – are offered by the Bitcoinpenguin casino website. The high roller bonus as much as 0.5 BTC is available for those players who deposit more than 1 BTC at a time. This bonus can be withdrawn once the value of wagering crosses the 35 times value of the bonus. Social media bonus is a limited time bonus available through a code for the social media followers of the company pages on social media.

Visit BitcoinPenguin WebsiteRead our BitcoinPenguin Review



076c5ef53d0556cfcfc712b74fc7e690.pngThe Mbitcasino website offers 110% first deposit bonus for new players. The withdrawal of the bonuses offered by this website is governed by the value of the wagering, which should be 35 times the value of bonus offered by the website. This website also offers Casino VIP Program that offers you numerous prizes and benefits on every 15th day of the months. To benefit from VIP program, a player needs to keep playing with mBitcasino website.

Visit Mbitcasino WebsiteRead our Mbitcasino.com Review




f8be6c164fec05603593016f227b4683.pngThe Coinroyale casino website does not offer any kind of bonuses neither to the new players not to the existing gamblers. It offers only 1000 free credits to play the games for fun. To play for winning the money, a player is required to deposit the digital money and play with that money.

Visit Coinroyale Website



Types of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Bitcoin casinos have been spreading around the world like crazy, thanks to their acceptance of Bitcoin as the main currency available for payments. It is true that Bitcoin has become a popular choice among security connoisseurs and people who value their privacy and anonymity online. As a result, casinos online have been changing their old habits and now accept Bitcoin as payment.

In fact, to show just how much they value Bitcoin, many casinos offer great bonuses to players who choose to use Bitcoin as their payment method. There are several different bonuses available for the average casino player, in order to start betting with Bitcoins. Let’s have a closer look at the most frequently used Bitcoin casino bonuses available today, shall we?

Types of Bitcoin Bonuses

The bonus incentives that are provided in secure Bitcoin casinos are not different from those of real money gaming establishments. They only differ in the fact that they are in digital currency. Below we take a look at some of the most popular bitcoin casino bonuses:

  • No deposit bonuses

Just like the name suggests, this free bitcoin sign up bonus is given immediately after a gambler registers with a gaming site before they can make a deposit. The provision is made the same as that of most real money casinos, which come in the form of free spins, chips, or a small amount of money. However, this bonus is quite rare to run into in bitcoin casinos. Additionally, bitcoin casino bonus codes 2018 may be required to access them. Find our more about these bonuses at /bitcoin-bonuses/no-deposit/.

  • Welcome bonuses

The welcome bonus is usually the first reward that a player sees when looking into a casino and plays a huge role in whether they choose to take their business there or not. Therefore, BTC casinos try their best to make them attractive. This offer is provided in the form of a match promotion in most cases; this means that players receive a stated percentage of the amount they put into the casino. For instance, if the player deposits one BTC in a casino offering a one hundred and fifty percent match promo, they are given an extra one point five bitcoin to play with.

Other gaming sites can provide these bonuses as a fixed amount that cannot be changed depending on the BTC they deposit. An added incentive can be thrown into the package such as free spins or chips.

  • Deposit bonuses

In some cases, the welcome package can extend to the proceeding deposits the player makes to a house. Some sites have been known to cover as high as the seventh deposit. This bitcoin casino offer is made similar to the welcome reward in the sense that it can be provided as a matched or fixed promotion. The deposit bonus is put in place to encourage the gambler to keep coming back for more play.

  • Free spins bonuses

These bitcoin casino free bonuses are explicitly provided for use in slot machine games, you can find them at this page . They allow the player to spin the reels without having to place a real money stake. However, the wins that are made translate into actual cryptocurrency. They can be provided on their own or as part of another bonus such as the ones mentioned above.

  • Referral bonuses

In the spirit of maintaining as many clients as they can, casinos are constantly creating new ways to reward players. One of the offers that have been well adapted by bitcoin casinos is the referral bonus. In this incentive, players are awarded for bringing in new players to join in the fun. In most casinos, players are provided with a unique link that they are to deliver to their referrals. If it is used, the gambler receives a bonus. The offered incentive can be in the form of free spins, a match promotion, cashback, or free table game chips. Mostly, gaming destinations only present the offer once the referral has deposited BTC in their gaming account.

  • Loyalty bonuses

In bitcoin casinos, players are rewarded for their loyalty to the sites they engage in business. Most destinations provide points depending on the amount of money that is spent and the games they play. Once the points accumulate, players can exchange them for bitcoin or other items in the casino shop. Additionally, players can use the amount to move up the VIP ladder.

  • High roller bonuses

Gamblers spend with different intensities in gaming entities. Therefore, it is only fair that these establishments reward those that spend a huge amount. The high roller free bitcoin bonus is presented for those that gamble a huge sum of money that runs in the tens of BTC. Some of the favors such players get to enjoy include; high withdrawal limits, personal account managers, personalized bonuses, tournament invitations, etc. The offers made to big spenders differ from one establishment to the next.

No Deposit Bonus

This is perhaps the most amazing type of bonus available for Bitcoin users. This is a bonus that has to do with your registration to the Bitcoin casino and allows you to play without actually depositing any money up front. You simply sign up and you start playing for free. There are limitations of course as to the amount of credits you get, but either way it is a cool that allows you to test drive the Bitcoin casino.

If you find the casino satisfactory, you can proceed with the deposit of Bitcoins. If not, you have risked nothing in return. You have wasted no money and you can go ahead searching for a different Bitcoin casino online. As you can imagine, there are many people who make use of the no deposit bonus.

However, it is needless to point out that you should not proceed with any kind of deposit. Otherwise, the bonus will not be valid and you will have to pay with your own money.

Why would I want to earn free Bitcoin

The reasons why you might want to earn Bitcoin depend on how you look at the cryptocurrency. While some view it as a medium of private payments, others think of Bitcoin as an asset with real-world value that has huge profit potential.

Depending on who you are, you might want to earn Bitcoin for spending cash, for investment capital, or for liquidity. Or you might want to keep it as a sock-draw asset and wait for the global industrial financial system to collapse.

Right now, the value of Bitcoin is at an all-time market high — approximately $1,144 USD. With such a (relatively) high market price, even a fraction of one coin is now a decent sum. Even you were to earn only half a Bitcoin, the value could continue to grow over the months, and you could potentially be sitting on gold.

However, for a lot of people, Bitcoin is just a bit of fun.

About these methods:

Before anything else, it’s important to point out that earning Bitcoin without investing neither time nor money is nearly impossible. The methods outlined on this page require at least some amount of effort and brain-power, so you should stop here if you’ve already got a headache.

The list of methods on this page isn’t exhaustive, as new ways of earning free Bitcoin online appear daily.

How to Make Bitcoin Deposits

To make a financial transaction on the blockchain, you must install a wallet first. This is a digital software that is free to use. There are many alternatives, you can pick any of them. Once you start using a wallet, you will get an “address”. This looks like a series of random numbers and letters, and it really is. Think of this address as your “banking account number”. It cannot be tied to your identity, and it will be used to make all kinds of financial transactions. Every blockchain user has an address, including the online casino. To send someone money, you need to know their blockchain address. You can find the address of the Bitcoin casino at the “payment options” page. Once you obtain this address, switch to your wallet and send the desired Bitcoin amount by using it. The transaction will complete in no more than half an hour.

Best Bitcoin Casino Bonus


110% up to 1 BTC
  • 1300+ Premium Casino Games
  • Live Dealer Casino
  • Instant Deposits and Cashouts


Most Bitcoin casino bonuses are similar by type and description to those offered in “regular” online casinos. It is all about appealing to new and existing players, either by giving them a no deposit or first deposit bonus, a reload bonus amount to returning players for their second deposit or free spins that encourage interest in games.

There are things to consider however – bonuses might appear free though the casinos have to protect their investments by imposing requirements in the form of eligibility, wagering requirements, game restrictions, deposit to withdrawal and so on.

Bitcoin casino free spins

Free spins are chances to win, without paying for it!

During the analyses, we have found many casinos offering free spins as part of their welcome bonus. Sometimes you get bitcoin casino free spins before you deposit money.

An Example:

Bitstarz. At Bitstarz Casino you get 20 free spins no deposit bonus (Dec. 2018).


Ordinarily, the bitcoin free spins are part of a bitcoin deposit bonus. If we continue with Bitstarz, they currently offer another 180 free spins when you deposit BTC to your account.

There may be a minimum deposit required to get all free spins. The minimum requirements are there to prevent bonus frauds – people that abuse bonuses and cost the casino a lot of money.

No Deposit Bitcoin Casino Bonus Rules

No deposit bonuses are fun and profitable, but almost all of them are subject to certain terms and conditions. It is advised to check these terms in advance, as some of them are not that advantageous. You should always check the fairness of a no deposit bonus offer before accepting it. Here the most important things you need to know:

  • You may need to “activate” the bonus. If your account is not automatically created right after completing the registration process, check that this is required or not. Usually, there is a button on your account page you need to click. Sometimes, this can only be done by the customer service, and you may need to reach them.
  • There is almost always a playthrough requirement. This is also known as “withdrawal requirement” too. Let’s say the casino gave you 100 free spins as a no deposit bonus. You can start using these spins right away, but if you make a profit while doing that, you won’t be able to withdraw it. In order to withdraw, you must complete the wagering requirement. This means you need to reach a specific total wager amount. Here is an example: If the wagering rate is 30x and you won 0.5 BTC by using free spins, you must wager 15 BTC first (0.5 x 30). Only after that, you are allowed to withdraw.
  • Sometimes this requirement is tied to a time limit. If you cannot complete it in a specific period, the bonus gets deleted. Try to stay away from this type of bonuses, as they force you to deposit a lot of money in a short amount of time.
  • Almost always, there will be a betting limit until you complete the requirement. For example, you can bet up to 0.001 BTC in any game and no more. Right after completing the requirement, this limitation becomes obsolete automatically.
  • Not all games contribute the same amount towards the requirement. Usually, only the slot machines contribute 100%. This rate is much lower for other categories. Always check the current contribution rates. And remember that if you are not a slot player, it will take very long to complete a requirement.

Remember that you can always find the latest bitcoin bonuses and no deposit bonus codes in our website. Good luck!


Earning money online without expending too much effort is something that everybody craves.

With the rise and increasing popularity of digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ether, it’s no surprise that so many people are interested in joining the crypto-train—hopefully without paying too much for a ticket.

While most people are happy to fork out cash to buy Bitcoin, there are numerous ways to get your hands on digital currency that don’t involve opening your wallet. Instead, these methods ask for a bit of time and mind-effort.

This page will discuss the various methods that can be employed to earn Bitcoin free of charge, including how much you can theoretically (and realistically) earn.

What is Bitcoin?

For those who do not know (really?—it’s 2017), Bitcoin is a digital currency based on a public ledger known as the “blockchain”. It was created back in 2009 by a person or group known as Satoshi Nakamoto, whose identity remains a well-guarded secret.

Bitcoin was created with the purpose of revolutionizing the traditional financial system, by leveraging peer-to-peer technology and hardcore mathematics. The currency is, strangely, backed by processing power instead of politics and greed—and it’s completely unstoppable by banks or governments.

In addition to the freedom that Bitcoin provides over traditional currency, the cryptocurrency was created with speed in mind. Bitcoin transactions are processed instantly and quickly verified by a network of “miners” operating on the extremely-powerful blockchain network.

These Bitcoin transactions are much more cost effective than traditional bank transfers, considering the fact that most transactions only cost a few cents (yes, cents). If you’ve ever made a bank transfer across a border, you’ll know how amazing that is (my bank charged me $50 USD on a $150 USD wire three days ago).

Bitcoin also has a fairly strong privacy element to it, as Bitcoin “addresses” (basically the Bitcoin version of bank account numbers) are not connected to the names of the beneficiaries. Transactions are pseudonymous by default, and there are even controversial ways to acquire complete financial anonymity with the cryptocurrency.


Apart from what has already been outlined, it’s worth mentioning some of the pitfalls of Bitcoin. Firstly, transactions are by-default completely public due to the fact that the details for every transaction is stored within the blockchain ledger that I mentioned earlier. Also, Bitcoin is non-repudiable, which means that once a payment is sent to the network there’s no way of getting a refund (besides asking nicely).

Terms and Conditions

Like any other bonus offered in the gambling business, bitcoin casino bonuses are accompanied by various terms and conditions. These terms dictate how the players are to claim and use the bonus before they are allowed to take out the winnings that they make. Some of the common terms that players should look into include:

  • Wagering requirements

The wagering term, also known as the playthrough requirement, states how many times of the amount provided the player is supposed to deposit and gamble before withdrawal requests are permitted. Players should go for a bonus with a small playthrough requirement so that they can benefit the fullest from it.

  • Time limit

Gamers should look at the time the bonus is active and ensure to meet the stated terms and conditions before it elapses. Otherwise, the bonus and winnings it makes will be taken away.

  • Maximum cashout

In some cases, the casino may limit the amount one is supposed to take out from their BTC winnings. In such a case, players should go to sites with the highest limits.

Dont forget about free spins

Free spins are another type of bonus that you can get from a Bitcoin casino. They will go well with those who like slot games or want to learn more about this game. As a rule, gambling portals offer the choice of 1-3 apps when you can use free spins.

The money you win after such spins will have wagering requirement. You would be able to withdraw them only after meeting this requirement. For instance, if the wager is 30x, a player would need to bet 30 times more contributed money, and only then he could withdraw what he has won in the first place.

Free spins are widely used as a type of free bonus, so you would easily find a resource that offers new users to spin reels at no cost.

Bitcoin Bonus Code List

Some no deposit or welcome bonuses may require the use of a code, as we mentioned above. Here is a list of the most current Bitcoin casino promotions and the list of their bonus codes for 2018:  

7Bit Casino 150% match + 100 free spins SUPER150
Mars Casino 150% match + 50 free spins MARS150
1X SLOTS 100% match + 80 free spins 1S_117
Fortune Jack 110% match bonus, up to 1.5 BTC No code required
BitStarz 180 free spins + 100% deposit bonus No code required
Crypto Wild 200% deposit bonus, up to 1 BTC No code required

  Note that you must use the code during the deposit process, otherwise, the bonus won’t be activated.

Bitcoin bonuses for registration

Okay, there is a reason actually. A gambler would need to do one thing: register on the website, providing the resource with his email. Most likely, the site will use this address to send this user the information about new promotions. If you like promos, it is very convenient. Anyways, you can always cancel the newsletter.

If your goal is to try out gambling on a specific website, it will be a decent option. Spending a minute or two on the registration, you will get a full access to the gambling entertainments.

There are two ways of getting bonus money:

  • Automatic transfer
  • Using a bonus code

The first case implies that a Bitcoin casino is making a present of free money automatically after your profile is created. This way may seem more attractive to users as it does not require any additional steps.

As for the second option, we will look into it a bit closer.

Bonus codes another way to play at Bitcoin casino for free

To lure new gamblers into the website, Bitcoin casinos often collaborate with other resources. One of the typical promotions is a chance to get free money after you enter a special code.

Usually, it works this way: you come across a website with some information about cryptocurrency gambling and find a brief description of a promotion from some casino. The resource invites potential users to sign up and makes a promise to present some bitcoins provided that these future users enter a given code. Funds will be transferred regardless of deposits.

Codes may look in different ways: digits, random symbols, names of partners, or just keywords like “N0 D3POS1T 2017”.

Some codes (especially the ones that promise nice money) are active for a limited amount of time or intended for a certain number of people. If you have an opportunity to make use of it, it is better not to hesitate. Perhaps, tomorrow this code will bring nothing.

About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that emerged in 2009, during the Wall Street financial crisis. It is also known as a “crypto-currency” due to its anonymity and security features. The creators of Bitcoin are unknown, but they dreamed of a world that is not controlled by banks. Bitcoin transactions happen on a digital database called “blockchain”. Every Bitcoin user stores a copy of this database, and the records on it are automatically counter-checked each time a transaction happens. The database is encrypted, hence the “crypto-currency” name. It is impossible to “hack” Bitcoin because even if you manage to hack one database, the others will automatically correct the false record(s). New currencies (new Bitcoins) are created by users, which are called “miners”, and there is a certain number of Bitcoins that can be created. You do not need a bank account or credit card to use Bitcoin: All you need is a digital “wallet”.

Benefits of Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

A Bitcoin casino wants to lure you into signing up for its services. Once you do, the casino will want to make sure that you stay for a long time. In order to accomplish that, the casino will go above and beyond towards satisfying your claims and desires. One of the most popular ways for a company to prove its appreciation towards the customer is the use of bonuses. In this case, there is a plethora of Bitcoin casino bonuses available for the players to enjoy.

Of course, the casino is not the only party that profits from the use of Bitcoin casino bonuses. On the contrary, online casino players also benefit from this option. They receive bonuses that they can use according to their preferences. Instead of having to deposit more money, they can continue on placing their bets for free. This is of utmost importance, as any free offering is always welcome.


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