How can I make my Absolute Ownership work best for me

The greatest thing with Absolute is that it’s very flexible. As well as the number of weeks you are entitled to book, you can use Absolute Last Minute and Absolute Extra Rentals to choose where to go or to stay. Absolute is your Gateway to the Globe! We suggest you always select and inform the Absolute Travel Centre of two or three preferred travel dates for your preferred destination. If you select one resort, you are limiting yourself to the availability of one resort, however if you request an area, you may have all the resorts in that area available to you. It’s is obviously better to request your vacation accommodation as early as possible to avoid lack of availability. It really is that simple.

Disclosure Responsibilities

ABSOLUTE acts only as a service agency to help facilitate the exchange of your week of ownership to other vacation properties.

ABSOLUTE acts only as an agent for these exchanges. Its agents and/or suppliers of service, expressly disclaim and shall be free of all responsibility or liability for any act, error, omission, injury, loss, accident, delay, or neglect or default of any person providing any service for accommodation or due to any cause whatsoever occurring during the stay.

ABSOLUTE has developed a unique relationship with many resorts and properties that find it mutually beneficial to facilitate owner exchanges.

ABSOLUTE does not control any of the exchange properties in our exchange system.

ABSOLUTE does not assume responsibility for any of the properties, although we research to the best of our ability to insure that you will be booked into quality accommodations. Variations in accommodation and resort amenities may be experienced.

ABSOLUTE does not assume responsibility for any verbal agreements between its members and an Absolute representative, that are not written on the Confirmation paperwork.

The Rules Breakages Damages

Exchangee/Guest Responsibilities. When you exchange your week at another resort, or accept a Bonus week or any other promotional offer at a resort booked through ABSOLUTE, you are still responsible (as with your home resort), to abide by the rules and regulations of the host exchange resort. If you are allowing guests to use your time, remember YOU are responsible for their actions.

  • The accommodation or members unit must be left in the same condition as when you first arrived – “Clean & Tidy”
  • Any breakages/damages must be reported immediately to resort staff and you are responsible for the cost of repairs or replacement of items damaged.
  • The Exchangee and or Guest is responsible for any charges incurred at the resort during the holiday – telephone, tours and the like which are charged to your room.
  • Respect the privacy of other guests staying at the resort. Treat the facilities and other owners, as you would wish you, your family and guests to be treated.

Does Absolute own or manage all the resorts within the Absolute resort network

Absolute owns and manages some of the resorts in the network, and others are resorts the Absolute Group has an agreement to work with, sometimes directly or on occasions, indirectly through an Absolute associated or partner company.

Absolute is constantly looking to improve the services provided to its members when offering all forms of resort accommodations on both internal and external use plans, gaining as much access to alternative exchangeable accommodations worldwide. The Absolute world of resorts is growing and our Absolute owners can access more and more destinations through the Absolute Associate Resort Network.

What should I do if I lose my Absolute Ownership Certificate

Your Absolute Ownership Certificate is a very important and is your legal document confirming what you have purchased. It should be kept safe at all times. If you should lose it, you should notify either the Trustee and / or Absolute Member Services, by telephone, email or in writing as soon as possible. If you require a duplicate certificate to be issued, you will need to contact the Trustee and complete an indemnity form or contact us and we will help you through all the steps. When contacting the Trustee for an indemnity form, quote your full name, address and of course what you own in Absolute. This will get confirmed with the club and the whole process takes just a few weeks.

10,000 Euros

How does it work?

You will receive 500 Euros for each new member referred by you, as a one time reward for sending your friends, family or business associates to look at the Absolute Vacation Club (see Terms & Conditions of the Ambassador Agreement). These Payments take place monthly and will be forwarded
to your bank, by cheque, via Money Bookers, or to your VIP MasterCard

Or simply collect it when you visit one of the Absolute marketing resorts and spend it on yourself! 

Absolute Ambassador program is very
simple: please fill out the below Online Booking Forms
completely, and make your friends very happy when you send us any potential Absolute new members via a complimentary or subsidised stay with us!

Say thanks for a favour rendered to you or render a favor to your team mates.

Recommend Absolute to your business associates, or simply give away a stay one of the luxury Absolute Marketing Resorts to your best customers…

  • 1 week complimentary accommodation in Phuket, Koh Samui or Pattaya
  • or a 4 day / 3 night complimentary stay in Hong Kong
  • or 1 week accommodation in Hong Kong (including airport pick up) for only 250 Euros (additional fee)


Send your Booking Forms as soon as possible per fax/mail/e-mail,
or you may book through our Ambassador Booking Form on the Absolute
website. We will contact your friends, relatives, business associates
or teammates immediately, either telling them its from you or anonymously (tell us what you prefer) and reserve the desired date depending on

The package for Thailand contains 7 nights free accommodation in one of
our resorts for 2 adults and 2 children, round trip airport
transfers for Phuket, Pattaya or Koh Samui in Thailand, or for in Hong Kong we offer either a complimentary 4 days / 3 nights accommodation or a 7 night stay with airport pick up include for 250 Euros (supplementary fee). 

All guest will receive an exclusive presentation of the latest Absolute portfolio of boutique resorts.

We welcome anyone wishing to extend his or her vacation stay. This can
be booked through our Absolute Ambassador via email or at the time of booking, depending
upon availability at the price of € 250 to € 750 per additional week depending on resort, unit size and the season. Just ask us for a quote!

your friends, relatives, business associates or customers join Absolute
or not, we’ll ensure they will return home happy, relaxed and very very grateful to you for sending them!

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What are the fees I must pay to use my ownership in Absolute

Once you have purchased and fully paid up (one time joining fee), thats it! You have a lifetime of vacations awaiting you all for a small annual management charge payable each year, and you can use any of the internal use resorts for NO EXTRA FEE’s.

Internal use – there is no fee to pay to book these resorts – currently there are over 200 resorts available on Internal Use.

External Use – the fee is 79 Euros (approx. 3,600 THB) payable only when we confirm your requested accommodation (fee is payable per week or part there of). If we can’t confirm it, you are not charged.

The annual management charge for your annual entitlement week(s) and provided you want more vacation time, simply pay a booking fee when you make your request for extra week(s).


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