Additional MasterCard Advantages

MasterCard itself charges no fees for money transactions. This might in part be compensated by your bank’s fees, which vary from bank to bank. Please make sure that your card bears a 16-digits card number, a 4-digit expire date, and on its back a 3-digits CVV2 number. All those are necessary to the MasterCard casino in order to validate your deposit. The exceptionally strong encryption technology used by PlayMillion Casino is exactly what you need to be sure that MasterCard data (and all other data) typed in our cashier section is secure and protected.

If you want to learn more about MasterCard credit cards, here is a convenient link for you:

Money Transfer with MasterCard

MasterCard is a credit card that can be used for both making deposits and requesting withdrawals at online casinos. There are three main points of interest when it comes to making money transfer via this casino banking method.

Processing and Completion Time

Processing time is the time a casino operator needs in order to process deposit and withdrawal requests, whereas completion time is the total amount of time players have to wait before they have their funds transferred.

MasterCard deposits in 90% of the casinos are processed right away and players have their money instantly added into their casino account.

Withdrawals, on the other hand, usually take up to 3-5 days in order to complete. The reason for this is the cashout processing time at some casinos that lasts 1-3 business days. In addition, sometimes the card issuer also needs a day or two to process the withdrawal.

Service Fees

Service fees are charges that players have to pay to the casino for using a particular payment method. MasterCard deposits usually are free of charge; nevertheless, certain casinos might include some service fees of 2-3%.

In comparison, MasterCard casinos do have a tendency to charge fees on withdrawals via this credit card. Therefore, players at some sites will find a fixed fee of ВЈ2-3. However, casinos such as offer this service for free.

It has to be pointed out that sometimes the bank that has issued the MasterCard card may impose some fees to the holder who makes money transfer to and from casino accounts.


Banking limits are the amount of funds a player is allowed to deposit or withdraw at a particular casino site. MasterCard casinos have different banking limits one from another and therefore all players have to pay close attention to these numbers.

At most MasterCard casinos the minimum deposit amount is between ВЈ5 and ВЈ10, whereas the maximum deposit amount, depending on the type of the limit, can go between ВЈ2,500 and ВЈ20,000.

Withdrawals via MasterCard at online casino sites that accept this method usually cannot be smaller than ВЈ10. When it comes to maximum cashout amount, players can find casinos that offer unlimited cashouts as well as sites that have e weekly withdrawal limit of ВЈ2,500.


Виды карт по привилегиям

  • MasterCard Стандарт
  • Золотая MasterCard
  • Платиновая MasterCard
  • World MasterCard
  • World Elite MasterCard
  • World MasterCard Black

Для осуществления покупок в интернет-магазине или вывода выигрыша из онлайн-казино достаточно обычной стандартной карты.

Пошаговая инструкция пополнения депозита при помощи карты

Выберите казино, где хотите открыть депозит (рекомендуется почитать обзоры популярных клубов). Пополнение возможно двумя способами:

  1. Через кассу.
  2. Через профиль игрока.

Пополнение станет доступным после регистрации на сайте. Рекомендуется указывать реальные данные, иначе в будущем возникают проблемы с выводом денег. Из предлагаемых способов оплаты выберите MasterCard. Затем в специальную форму введите данные:

  • цифры номера (16-значный номер на лицевой поверхности);
  • до какого года и месяца действует;
  • имя пользователя (точно так же, как на карте);
  • CVV- код (3 цифры на обратной стороне);
  • сумму депозита.

Если всё выполнено правильно, то пользователю становится доступна клавиша «Оплатить». Если валюта на карте отличается от валюты казино, то проводится конвертация по курсу банка, выпустившего карту. Подтверждение списание суммы с карты осуществляется с помощью сообщения на телефон или электронного письма.

Reward Points Every Time at MasterCard Casino online

One of the major benefits of having a MasterCard is that every time you use your credit card online, you earn reward points. Depending on what card you have and what financial institution you are affiliated with, you can earn reward points towards your dedicated rewards program. These points can be used for frequent flyer miles, online shopping, fuel, travel discounts and many more exciting options. With more and more online casinos offering credit card cash out facilities, there has never been a better time to use your credit card online. If you are looking for the best local online casinos that offer credit card payments, look no further. For your convenience we have rated and listed the countryвЂs top online casinos here, making it easy for you to start enjoying real money play in minutes!


MasterCard Gaps What Should I Know

Yeah, we have what we have and nothing can be done. There is not a thing, which is totally perfect and using the card, you can also meet some cons. Hey, before making a decision and being out of conceit with the system, estimate both sides of the coin and see which list is longer – the one with advantages or disadvantages.

Withdrawals – Are You Still There?

Whether it is for good or for bad, but usually the method is provided only for depositing. Once you look through the list of withdrawal services, you should select another system for redeeming the money. Though, this doesn’t mean that the possibility is unreal, there are still some online casinos, which present the variant for you.

Security – Everything Is Really Safe?

You should be more than careful. Using MasterCard for payments, there is a need to protect both your credit card and personal data. Keep it private, cause once any item gets public, it will be very easy for third partied to use the info and your funds against you. That is why, making online deposits to your casino balance, mind your security first.

Debts Danger

Only conscientious players can fully use the service, cause when you play and make real money stakes, not having credits in your pocket, there is a danger you pass your budget. For this very reason, mind your actions in order not to create any potential financial problems. It is better to recheck each step before taking one, cause there is no way back.

Transact Directly at Your Favourite Online MasterCard Casino

Since most people who transact online already have a credit card, it would be silly not to use it to make instant casino deposits. Making a casino deposit with your Kenyan MasterCard credit card means that you never have to register with an external third party payment system in order to do so. All credit card transactions are processed directly through the casino site itself. This saves you time an effort, giving you a smooth easy casino experience. With most major online casinos, making a casino deposit is as simple as clicking on the credit card payment link, deciding on how much you would like to deposit, and inserting your card details. Credit Card transactions are processed immediately and your casino account will reflect the funds straight away. Kenyan MasterCard holders can make multiple deposits and enjoy higher deposit limits as compared to most other payment options.

Licensing and Regulation at MasterCard Casinos

All reputable and well established casinos hold gambling licences and various certificates. The reason for this is simple – in order to obtain these approvals online casinos have to meet certain requirements that make them safe, responsible and reliable for their customers.

When it comes to gambling licences, online casinos that accept MasterCard hold the finest. Many of these sites are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission and that allows them to service UK players. Two other reputable licences that are commonly held by MasterCard casinos are the ones by Malta and Gibraltar.

In addition, casinos such as 888 Casino are licensed by the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and hence they are also called .

Finally, these sites often boast with certificates by independent auditors that make sure the games are fair as well as the casino is safe. Such certificates include the ones by eCOGRA, iTech Labs, McAfee, Thawte and etc.


Casino MasterCard Choice of Real Players

While the owners of other banking systems look for casinos sites, which include their card, you can relax and forget about everything. MasterCard is accepted around the globe, in any web-store and point of sale. This is what certainly fastens the process of transactions, cause there is no need to change your usual payment option.

Once you use the card for your daily stuff, you are definitely aware of the fact that making payment in big Internet stores, you can gain discounts and more profits. Use the benefits for your gaming process and see what other advantages you have over the rest gamers. Being one step ahead is a pleasant feeling that everyone wants to have.


Fast Monetary Transactions

Do you like the state of calmness inside of you? Guess, everyone does and MasterCard assures the feeling. As soon as you pass all the main stages, such as registration, entering the account, definitions the sum of your transaction and confirming the process, the funds get transferred instantly. No more delays, you don’t need to wait even for an hour before the sum gets credited to your casino balance, everything is conducted immediately.

Worldwide and Simple

Numerous banking options make you worry when you , cause there are restrictions according to the country. Using MasterCard, you can totally relax, cause the system is worldwide and offers you multiple currencies. No conversions are required, you can make payments in any way you want, cause the card gets adjusted to your conditions.

Another pleasant point is that you can leave aside all extra actions and gain pleasure from the process. Easy payments are guaranteed and there is no need to spend additional time for silly things. Take simple steps and enjoy speedy procedures of the credit card to observe your funds on the screen as soon as possible.

Credits Available

Some players take this item as an advantage, the others find negative sides. Though, we are optimists and believe that you will manage to control your funds. Once you feel a lack of credits in your balance, feel free to take out a loan and keep on playing for real money. See, everything becomes easy with such an option.

Just keep track of your cash and no limits will occur on your gaming way. Besides, you can pick your own way of paying credits. You can either choose monthly redemption or repay everything afterwards throughout a longer period of time. Still, take care of your safety and check the balance each time you want to make a deposit.


Mastercard Casino Option в AU Pros Cons

Being the owner of the MasterCard unit, you can perform the payments all over the Earth. You have no restrictions, according to your location as the international background is the biggest advantage of the banking mechanism.

If talking about the players, so the limitless pluses are for you to investigate. So what was the target of this article? For you, it is more haughty to negotiate about the deposits and withdrawals. So, letвЂs do it!


To make the stakes, you get to top up the balance of your playing account. Using the credit card from this company, you can do that instantly. Several clicks and the cash appears where you wish. Here are the steps for you to follow:

  1. Open the online casino;
  2. Register there;
  3. Hunt for the “Banking” section;
  4. Check the list of the options;
  5. MasterCard is your decision;
  6. Enter the credit card number and other details;
  7. Confirm the action;
  8. Voila – play and relax!



There are the situations when the users act for too long, but canвЂt win. However, when this lucky moment comes up, there are no limits to the happiness. And the function of withdrawal becomes necessary. Before explaining the steps for it, note the wager and the bonus gains. It is the cash that you can get only after the turnover. So, the guide of drawing out includes the following:

  1. Go to the house youвЂd like to try;
  2. Create the account there;
  3. Play for real;
  4. Win lots of money;
  5. Go to the “Banking” sector;
  6. Pick out “Withdraw” and ”MasterCard”;
  7. Write the sum;
  8. Verify the transaction.


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Online Security with MasterCardвs SecureCode

Many people who transact online often wonder about the safety of credit card transactions. The good news is that Kenyan MasterCard credit card holders can enjoy added online security with SecureCode, the advanced 3D-Secure technology that protects your account. SecureCode is added protection against unauthorised use of your card when transacting online. Once registered, you will be automatically prompted by your local financial institution to provide your SecureCode each time you make a deposit at your favourite online casino. Your SecureCode is quickly confirmed by your financial institution and then your purchase is completed. Your SecureCode will never be shared with the Casino Site. If an incorrect SecureCode is entered, the purchase will not be completed.

Общая информация

Годом основания компании считается 1966, когда несколько
банков Калифорнии решили создать конкурента первым пластиковым картам BankAmericard
(будущая Visa). Изначально фирма называлась Master Charge/Interbank. В первые
годы функционирования банки, основавшие корпорацию, постоянно объединялись и
«сливались», пока не образовалась устойчивая группа финансовых учреждений.

Уже через пару лет (1968 г.) компания выходит на
международный рынок, заключив соглашение с одним из мексиканских банков. Тогда
же были заключены партнерские соглашения с платежной системой Еврокард,
базирующейся в Европе. Это позволило МастерКард получить доступ к европейскому
рынку электронных платежей и прочно на нем закрепиться. Недоверчивая
Великобритания (впрочем, как всегда) «делегировала» собственную карточную
систему Access для вступления в новую европейскую корпорацию только в 1972

В 1979 году корпорация проводит ребрендинг и становится MasterCard
International. В самом начале 90-х годов, когда на территории бывшего СССР
происходил разгул преступности, МастерКард окончательно поглощает английскую
компанию  Access card, и это название
быстро забывается. В 2006 году корпорация опять меняет имя и получает привычное
на сегодня название MasterCard Worldwide. В этом же году на бирже появляются
акции компании.

Сфера электронной коммерции МастерКард была значительно
расширена в 2010 году, когда корпорацией был приобретен британский процессинговый
центр платежей DataCash. В 2012 году в России была зарегистрирована компания
ООО «МастерКард», которая была внесена в реестр платежных систем ЦБ РФ. В 2014
году, в связи с объявленными США санкциями, корпорация ограничила
сотрудничество с некоторыми российскими банками (АКБ «Россия», СМП Банк, Инвесткапиталбанк,
Собинбанк, Финсервис и другими). С 26 декабря этого же года обслуживание
пластиковых карт МастерКард прекращено в Крыму.

Сегодня Корпорация владеет следующими торговыми марками:

  • MasterCard – основная или базовая.
  • MasterCard Electronic – позиционируется , как «облегченный»
    продукт для использования в среде со значительными рисками (ненадежные
    держатели карт, примитивные уличные торговые точки, в которых возможно
    мошенничество и т.д.).
  • Maestro — Сервис дебетовых карт с привязкой к банковскому
  • Mondex — Сервис наподобие электронного кошелька, в России не
  • Cirrus — Сеть банкоматов.


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