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Online Casino threats — 06 May 2015 2019

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Online casinos due to its great popularity, have to deal with many problems that can negatively affect their profits and the safety of other players. Those risks include the hackers, criminals and ordinary cheating players trying cash out money from the casino using dirty tricks. In my article I will briefly discuss these problems and the ways good online casinos deal with it.

Online casino is money, often a lot of money. It is not surprising that different groups are trying to steal casino money using knowledge or other tricks. Their methods are different, but losses resulting from their activities are enormous. The first group are dishonest players who are trying to find some holes in the casino software to gain an advantage, or use special software called. bots and gain an advantage over the usual players, eg. in poker and take all their money. Internet casinos are fighting this type of activities. Firstly, the casino is patching their software, the potential holes are eliminated to prevent individual hackers of exploiting them. Secondly, the online casino is using all possible tools to detect players who use bots and them from the group of players.

The other much more dangerous group attacking online casinos are of course hackers. These intelligent criminals are trying to break into the casino server and change its algorithms to withdraw the money even without playing nor depositing money. Unfortunately hackers broke into the casinos few times and made huge losses. How can a casino defend itself from cyber attacks. Internet casinos employ top professionals in the field of Internet security, they will eliminate any holes in the system and protect it as best as its possible at the moment. Latest technologies are used to this. Its like a «cold war», hackers seek to break the system and administrators to defend casino from attackers. The winner is the one who has the knowledge, resources and determination to accomplish his goals. Fortunately, administrators usually win, and the best online casinos are very strong if we talking about security.

The worst threat to the online casinos are probably organized crime organization that are trying to extort money from casinos. It looks as follows. Before any big world sporting event like for example World Cup ect. Casino receive anonymous threat that, if they do not pay such and such amount of money within the given period of time, casino will be attacked using ddos ​​attack method (denial of service). The attack is about condensed and simultaneous attempts to connect to the casino server causing the the failure of the server. Often botnets which are networks of thousands if not millions of computers infected by the virus are used to this . Those computers executing attackers comands. It’s hard to protect against such an attack, the casino can only build powerful servers and keep cutting out unnatural connections from other servers, however, often is not enough. The facts are that many online casinos annually pays huge ammounts of money to the criminals. Sad but true.

Internet casinos have to fight every day with many dangers present on the net. Only knowledge, technology and experts from different disciplines can provide the best online casino solutions. What is important that casino should operating in the safe environment to create great place to peacfully playing in the casino using best online casino games like blackjack, roulette, poker and other things like that. —


Online casino is nothing but it will allow the players to play casino games using the internet simply staying at home. Players can play for real money or for ‘practice money’ usually through a software download, although web-based ‘no download’ casinos are also available.

Players make cash deposits to play with the casino games
If they win they will get the cash in returns. Virtual recreations of all casino games can be found online including Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker and Slots. Online poker and bingo rooms can also be found allowing players to enjoy these popular games too. in this site we have emphasize on different kind of online casinos bonuses and we also focused on Asian favorite casino games, what all the returns in casino games, tips about casino bonuses and online casino reviews.


Approximately we can say about 1500 casinos operating on the Internet. However, they basically come in one of three forms.

The first is via a software download and is probably the most common. Certainly where casinos offer a choice of playing interface, the download version is usually the one to make a selection in terms of game choice and features. Often a download casino is accessible via an installer program whereby an initial file is downloaded from the Internet which then obtains further files for installation. It should be noted that for a full casino installation a large number of files are necessary from the internet and similarly a large amount of disc space can be taken up. As such, for those on slower connections it is advisable to order free software CDs from the casino if they offer the option. At present, the vast majority of download software is only available for Windows PC users.


Casinos also come in no-download formats. These utilize web plug-ins such as Flash and Java to allow a player to access the casino games via their chosen web browser. Although historically games presented in this format lacked the glitz and glamour of their download counterparts, software designers today are utilize this technology as best as possible to present games with great graphics, sounds and playability. Casinos operating using no-download software are often popular for those on slow connections as there is not a condition to download masses of data to begin playing. Similarly, some no-download casinos will operate on a variety of operating systems such as Apple Macs, again increasing their popularity.


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